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From the Conference Organizers


Welcome to the International Wild Pig Conference website! For over the past year (and for the coming year) we have been working diligently to put together a first-class conference to showcase the latest in wild pig research and management. As with our previous wild pig conferences, we anticipate another highly informative forum on wild pig biology, genetics, and behavior, damage assessment, diseases issues, management techniques, and human dimensions of wild pig management for managers, researchers, and policy makers.

About the Conference

Damage caused by wild pigs is one of the greatest concerns to wildlife biologists and managers today. Wild pigs have the potential to cause ecological and economical destruction far surpassing any other invasive exotic vertebrate. The adaptive and prolific nature of these animals along with their capabilities for widespread devastation places their management as one of the top priorities for wildlife scientists. The International Wild Pig Conference is the only forum in the world that provides federal, state, and private stakeholders a venue to discuss biological, financial, and social implications specific to wild pig subsistence in our ecosystems. The conference will assemble experienced managers as well as those new to the wild pig industry in a professional, educational atmosphere. Please visit our website links to find out how you can participate in the 2018 Wild Pig Conference!

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